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Porto Cristo (July 12, 2019) is the first release in a collaboration (BROTHER) between Peter Mol and Zerbin (Jason Zerbin). Written between London, GB and Alberta, Canada it speaks to familiar feeling of nostalgia and unsettling when looking back on a past relationship. The line "is there someone in your bed, something in your head, or was it something that I said?" touches on that pervasive uncertainty in modern relationships. Written from a memory of floating in the ocean off of the coast of Majorca while feeling both happiness and that with deep summertime sadness that Lana Del Rey sings so beautifully about.


BROTHER knows something about drawing inspiration from innovation, beauty and vitality - and how those energies manifest within their creative process. Gathering from their myriad travels and connections - BROTHER has created something familial and engaging.

When it comes to music, Jason Zerbin and Peter Mol are pretty much their namesakes. Bonded together by friendship (and their ears), they could be likened to the modern day Ellington and Strayhorn. They compliment each other - building upon their own histories to create a sound that is layered, rich, and tempered. “ Pete and I had been working from different countries for a number of years sharing voice memos, sessions, etc. We wanted to make something new that was reflective of our personal and music progressions over the last few years since we released music under Zerbin.” says Jason, “This started to capture a lot of the experiences I had while living around Europe. The sense of beauty and sadness that gets mixed together in those moments. It took form over a couple trips and collaborations, it really was music that was made around the world.” Writing from that perspective gives them a freedom in their art that not only allows them to follow their own path, but also allows them to build upon the incredibly open and honest songwriting foundation that has fed their musical career.

From love to loss - from growth to regression - even to those unnameable unsettling feelings - BROTHER has made sure that all of those impressions play a role in the new music. “When things happen with us - we can walk right into our studios and put down what's in our head,” explains Mol, “there’s no need for the filter of other engineers, studios, players etc.”

Produced by the guys - BROTHER's tunes are an ode to discovery and to the key arresting moments of life. The collection of songs that they have brought together flow in an irresistible way that captures the listener’s heart and mind simultaneously. It’s unpredictable and vulnerable - it’s strident and sincere - it's music to reflect on and to explore with.